Committees and Governance

As with any community, things have to get done. Here at St. George, we have different administrative bodies and various committees responsible for overseeing different aspects of our life together as a group. For our bylaws, click here.

Parish Council

The Parish Council is the administrative body of our Church community elected by its stewards for the purpose of working together with the Parish Priest in fulfilling the mission and goals of our community.

2024 St. George Cathedral Parish Council
  • Strati Patrakis, President
  • George Bitzas, Vice President
  • Liza Pappas, Secretary
  • Alexandra Schoolcraft, Treasurer
  • Anthony Lalikos
  • Christopher Ciejek
  • Costa Stathis
  • Elizabeth Frogameni
  • Ellen Bletsos
  • Ilias Roumeliotis
  • Joseph Spano
  • Joshua Mills
  • Kathryn Walker
  • Kostas Pitaridis
  • Mary Tzambazakis

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the general meeting of the members of the Parish. It provides discussion and approval of the Parish's budget, and it receives and discusses reports from the Parish Council and other parish committees. General Assembly meetings are held at least twice annually. All stewards of the parish in good standing are eligible to attend and vote in the General Assembly.


Audit Committee

The primary purpose of the Audit Committee is to provide oversight of the financial reporting and audit process, and to ensure the church is following best practices, acting within the Church’s bylaws and internal controls, and complying with all regulations, guidelines, and laws.

Building Committee

The Building Committee plans out and manages both minor and major repairs to our Cathedral and Greek Cultural Center. We reach out to contractors to get estimates and to schedule work.

Endowment Committee

The purpose of the Endowment Committee is to preserve and invest monies left to the church from estates. A portion of the funds are available for funding the church’s ongoing cash flow requirements and building expenses.

Financial Investment Committee

The purpose of the Financial Investment Committee is to drive financial excellence by accurate and timely financial information, investing wisely, and safeguarding the church assets for the benefit of all parishioners.

Hall Rental Committee

The hall rental committee formalizes and streamlines the use of the St. George Cultural Center and maintains standards of practice for the rentals. We take requests from both parishioners and the surrounding community. Our standard of excellence has allowed us to cultivate sustained relationships with nonprofit organizations such as the Gray House, New North Citizens Council and the Bi-lingual veterans association.

Outreach, Fellowship and Stewardship Committee (OFS)

The OFS promotes outreach and fellowship within our parish and the outer community. We strive to make everyone feel welcomed and included; we plan events that promote fellowship; and we encourage the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in one another so that we all can serve Christ and love one another.