Our Religious Life

Our life as a community is fundamentally centered around the Eucharist. In addition to the work of the clergy, there are several ways to get involved with our community that directly serve our core mission of liturgical engagement and religious education.

Altar Servers

Altar servers make an invaluable contribution to the liturgical life of our Church, serving in the Holy Altar and assisting our Clergy faithfully and reverently while growing in their Faith and Orthodox Christian commitment. Boys and young men are welcome to serve in the altar.

Bible Study

We hold weekly Bible Study to strengthen the body of Christ both as individuals and as the Church collective. Our studies are offered in Greek and English, both in-person and on Zoom, with a focus on the scriptures and the Orthodox faith.


The music of the Orthodox Church is an integral part of the worship services. In Orthodox services, choir members represent and support the laity in responding to the liturgical dialogue set by the priest, and sing through the rich hymnography. St. George Cathedral is blessed to have both an adult and children’s choir.


In addition to the choir, chanters also lead the congregation in the services. They take the lead in Orthros, weekday liturgies and other services, and also lead some of the special hymns during Liturgy. The chanting in our parish is in the traditional Byzantine style.

Sunday School

The aim of the Sunday School program is to teach our children how to live their Orthodox faith. By teaching them about the life of Christ, we give them the foundation to live Christian lives, to go out into the world and share their faith and do good works. At St. George Cathedral, our Sunday School is an engaging program that strives to make connections for our students that last a lifetime. All children in nursery school through grade 12 are welcomed.